Extra words.

Even though graduate classes are three hours long, I still always have things left to say after the last student leaves the room. All too often, I come up with my best material while I’m walking back to my office from class. This blog is one attempt to share more after class is over.

All of my students know I’m passionate/totally nuts about the healing power of play and the expressive arts in therapy. I absolutely believe, right down to my toes, that play, art, and the act of having a witness to your creative expression can cure almost anything. My specialty is young children who have complex trauma, and I’ll write a lot about them. However, play and arts can heal the big folks just as well as the littles.

I’ll probably also post material here that may end up in a book sooner or later, sort of to test it out, minus all of the rules and formatting books require.

Thank for reading along- more soon!

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