Taking off for the wild blue yonder-

I’m leaving today for a lightening-fast 2 week study abroad experience with 8 intrepid graduate students. We’re going to India: Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai. I may or may not find time and internet connections to post while we’re gone. In the event of no writing time, here are links to some of the fabulous agencies we’ll visit while we’re there:

Salaam Baalak Trust, New Delhi:

Provides food, shelter, and education for thousands of street children. They also run a city walk tour program, which we will get to experience. The city walk tours provide income for the programs, training for the kids who are guides, and give tourists a clearer insight into the lives of street children.

Arpan, Mumbai:

Provides prevention of and treatment to child victims of sexual abuse in Mumbai. Also provides parent education. Arpan is sending speakers to our expressive arts conference in Mumbai.

TTK Hospital for Addictions, Chennai:

We won’t be travelling down to Chennai on this trip, but they are sending a speaker to the conference. One of India’s oldest and largest treatment centers for addictions.

We’ll also be doing tourist stuff: Taj Mahal, Rathambore Tiger Park, Amer Fort, Water Palace, etc.

And eating lots of great, fresh, local Indian food. More posts with photos to come-

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